Family owned & operated

At LPB Design & Build, we help you plan your new home or extension and take your project from concept to completion in a timely and cost effective manner with minimal stress.

We look after everything for the client from the pre planning stage all the way through to the completion of your project. Our experienced team will provide detailed management and reporting, expert craftsmanship, superior construction services and transparent communication every step of the way. You will have one point of contact throughout this entire process which helps eliminate any potential gap and interface issues between designer and contractor thus mitigating any possible delays.

We provide a full range of expert services to assist you from the earliest project stages. Each custom built home designed by our Architectural Engineer and built by LPB Building Services starts with client discussions on the required design & construction process, evaluation of the site followed by custom architectural plans.

As your project progresses, we will carry out regular site inspections, liaise between you and our build team, keep you posted with relevant information and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

With over 40 year’s experience in the Planning and Construction Industry, you can trust your project is in safe hands.

LPB Design & Build Service have the experience:

Because of our 40 year experience, we plan in minute detail to ensure a very smooth building project, from site, to opening the front door of your new home. Ensuring complete peace of mind, and no surprises!